Monday, October 15, 2007

Olympic Park

We had a great day at the Sydney Olympic Park on Saturday. I wasn't expecting to enjoy this visit as much as I did. The city has done a great job of creating biking/hiking paths throughout the area and making it a fun recreational place. We rented bicycles from the visitors center and rode around for 4 hours!!! This was the first time in a bicycle carrier seat and she did great. We stopped to eat and to visit a playground. SPie was so excited to be on the bike she didn't want to play for long. After biking we spent some time at the aquatic center. We enjoyed two different kids pools and a "river wave".

I'm really sounding like a Greenie on this blog which isn't my intention, so I won't go into detail, BUT... if you are interested in the "green" aspects of the park, check out this link. You'll be glad to know that the environmentally friendly steps that were taken for the Olympics continue today (recycled water, renewable energy, recycling, diverse ecological communities).

SPie didn't want her picture taken...

The pools:

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