Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Overzealous Photography

I think I’m getting out of control with the pictures. Last weekend we went to the Australia Zoo (more about that later). As soon as we turned into the parking lot, SPie was sick. We immediately pulled over and took her and the car seat out of the car. When I opened the diaper bag to find something to clean her up with, I saw the camera and decided to stop and take a picture of her! It only took a second, I didn’t ask her to pose, she wasn’t crying or hurt or in any danger, her Dad was taking care of her and I did clean her up right after, but still, I cannot believe I did that! So, since I have this picture, I might as well share it, right?? (Poor SPie!)

By the way, she was fine the rest of the day and enjoyed the zoo. We think she might have been a little motion sick.

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Lovebabz said...

Hey Sweetie Pies I love your pictures! And I think your right it proabably was motion sickness---I have had that happen to me on occassion. Just know she will probably sue you when she's grown up(SMILE)