Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Counting Down

There are only 9 days until we leave Australia and head for home! We are ready. It's been a great experience, but now that it's time to go, we just want to go. We've already mailed all of our holiday cards and Christmas/Australia gifts and shipped most of our belongings. We've donated clothes and have people designated to receive the other things we won't use and don't want to ship (i.e., flour sugar, nail polish remover, SPie's tricycle). Our suitcases are packed except for the clothes and toiletries we need for the next 9 days. The only thing left to do is pack and ship SPie's toys. We are looking forward to heading back to the states!


Lovebabz said...

WOW! Will you continue to blog once you arrive home? And when you get home are staying put for awhile and where is home. Is this stuff in previous post? I will check. WOW your going come! HOORAY! Godspeed!

Piecake said...

Hi Babz!

I'm not sure what will happen when we get home. We might be leaving again, so I would continue to blog. I find that I enjoy reading blogs more than writing one, so if we stay home, I would only blog once in while (much like I've been doing the past few weeks...busy, busy!).
Thanks for checking in on us and leaving comments. It's been great to know someone is reading!