Monday, September 3, 2007


APEC is the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation. The 2007 conference is here in Sydney this week; 21 world leaders including President Bush.

The government is expecting violent protests, so there is security everywhere in the CBD. Last week I saw police helicopters everyday on my way home, plus additional police patrols. Big fences and concrete barriers have been put up around some areas - including the convention center near SPie's favorite playground (ugh!!!). Street light poles have been equipped with security cameras and loud speakers and my office building has a security guard for the week. Fortunately, my building isn't right in the middle of it. My client's main building is, but I have no need to go there this week.

I don't follow the news because I find it depressing, but I did hear that some protestors were arrested for spray painting some sort of protest text on some wall. Just now I received this email from my employer:

Planned Protest Activity This Evening
Police have advised that the Stop the War Coalition is planning a protest outside Sydney Town Hall or Railway Square from 5pm today which could possibly move in the direction of Macquarie Street.
If you are planning to leave the CBD around that time, we suggest that you avoid the Sydney Town Hall and Railway Square areas, if possible, and stay alert to any protest activity that could move to the Macquarie Street vicinity.

It's a little frightening! My walk home takes me about 2 blocks from there and that is close enough for me. I usually cut through the subway station, but perhaps I'll take the long scenic walk tonight. Or maybe a cab?

The good news is that Friday has been declared a holiday to limit the number of people in the CBD area. I've also taken Thursday off, so we'll have a nice long weekend. Out of town.

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Looks like you're having a fabulous time.