Monday, September 17, 2007

Busy Work

Today I was asked to determine the following statistics for my team. The questions are from a very senior person who wants to use the stats in a meeting.

1. The number of documents produced
2. The number of pages produced
3. The number of lines of code produced

It took a developer an hour to go through all the procedures and determine the number of lines of code and it took me a half hour to determine the number of pages produced. Multiply that by 4 teams and that is 6 hours of wasted time. And this doesn't include the wasted time spent in emails from the top down until it reached the people that will actually do the work.

These numbers are meaningless. Just because a project has 100* documents and 10,000* lines of code doesn't mean that it's going well or that things are efficient. I would much rather spend my time on something that produces a result that is worthwhile.

*not the actual numbers

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GTF said...

Welcome to my world! I am often asked to provide meaningless data for people who should be smart enough to realize that it is meaningless.