Thursday, September 20, 2007

Don't Jump

Last Sunday Sherp actually had 4 hours away from SPie. We determined this is the longest waking time he has had to himself since we arrived in Sydney in May. That would drive some people to drastic measures, so I find it appropriate that he used his free time to climb to the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. I'm very glad that he did not jump. In fact, he couldn't jump if he wanted to because he was tethered to the bridge along with 12 other people.

The Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb is a very cool, but somewhat expensive excursion. There are stairs on the bridge and you actually walk to the very top while the cars and trains continue to drive underneath and the boats are further below. According to the website, the climb brings you 134 meters above the harbour. That's about 439 feet high. Sherp said the views are great as you might imagine.

Here's a shot of random people on the bridge that I took from one of the ferry boats. You have to look close because they are so small. There are two groups (one is a little spread out) on the very top part of the bridge.

This is the same shot of the entire bridge.

Here's Sherp striking a pose on the catwalk. The boats below are a lot farther down than they look.


KRS said...

Awesome! It looks gorgeous there.

Lovebabz said...

Ok, This is amazing, but I gotta tell you , I am nauseous just looking at how high folks are. I couldn't do. I absolutely couldn't do it!

Piecake said...

krs - It really is a gorgeous country (and we've only seen a small part of it). There is something beautiful to see everywhere we go.

Babz - I completely agree. I could never have done it either!