Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Oakvale Farm

The same day we did the Tomaree Head walk, we spent the morning at an animal farm called Oakvale Farm. This was our first experience at hand feeding kangaroos and it was great. We've been to a few other places where you can pet koalas and feed kangaroos, but so far Oakvale has been the best experience. The place was clean and well run and had swings and things for the kids. We have some great pictures of SPie with the animals. I’ll be sending an email out with the link to the snapfish album with the pictures (sorry, we’ve decided not to post pictures of SPie on the blog).

At certain times each day, the farm provides baby bottles of milk for the kids to feed the baby animals. SPie wasn’t into that. Every time she got hold of a bottle she tried to drink it herself!

Most animals roamed around freely which was great for SPie. She loved following the goats around. She was also fascinated by the kangaroo tails. She kept picking them up! Fortunately these were all mild mannered kangaroos and they didn’t seem to mind. Even when she stepped on the tails, the kangaroos didn’t seem to care. I was impressed that she got right in there with animals and wasn't afraid of them.

Although, she wasn't entirely happy with the cow. SAHF lifted her up so she could see the big cow and give it a pat. SPie had fun tickling it behind the ear, but when she stopped tickling, the cow rubbed it’s head up against her to ask for more. The push was a little too much for her liking. After that she was happy to look at the cow from a distance, but didn't want to be too close.

If you are ever in the Salt Ash area, I highly recommend checking it out!

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