Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Queen's English?

Australians definitely speak English, but they’ve added their own touch. They like to shorten words and add "ie" and "o" to the end. Here are some words we’ve heard people use that we don’t use at home.

capsicum = pepper
lead = power cord
dodgy = not up to par… A dodgy neighbourhood
stock-take sale = clearance sale
take-away = To go
lay-By = Lay away
heaps = a lot… This phrase is even used on the news
massive = large… Also used on the news. “Massive amounts of rain”
pram = stroller
nappy = diaper
holiday = a vacation day… “vacation day” is not used here
on annual leave = also a vacation day
public holiday = what we would call a holiday in the US
have a think on it = think about it
give it a go = try it
how ya goin = how ya doin
good on you = good for you
have a whinge = complain/whine
check your diary = check your schedule
diarised = scheduled
petrol = gas for your car
lift = elevator
pegs = clothespins
cossie = a swimsuit
sunnies = sunglasses
zed = the letter Z
toilet = restroom…I asked someone where the restroom was and they had no idea what I was talking about. I believe they thought I wanted to lie down.
mate = pal, buddy…I’ve heard Mom’s call their children mate, co-workers call each other mate, interviewers call their subjects mate… it’s everywhere
g’day = yup, they really do say it
bloke = see mate, but bloke is a little less friendly and is usually used between men
cv = resume…short for curriculum vitae which is latin for course of life
scratchie = lottery scratch ticket
breakkie = breakfast
unie = university
doco = document
rego = registration
Jono = short nick-name for someone named Jonothan
chocos = box of chocolates
avo = avocado
Salvos = Salvation Army
brickie = a mason
truckie = truck driver
bikie = motorcycle driver
robes = closets
ensuite = a bathroom off a bedroom

They also don't repeat numbers. If someone were to give you the number "998555", they would say "double nine eight triple five".

While we’re talking about language, here are a few SPie translations.
peanut butter = any bread-like product
piecake = any dessert
milk = any liquid beverage
gum boots = rain boots. This is actually an Australian term she picked up on tv

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