Friday, August 17, 2007


The weekend of June 8th a 40,000 tonne ship ran aground on Nobby's Beach, a public beach about 2 hours north of Sydney in the city of Newcastle. This was the story of the hour for weeks. There is a great article on wikipedia that describes how it all unfolded. Thousands of people went to Newcastle to check out the sight… and we were 3 of them!

It was amazing to see. The ship is absolutely huge and it was sitting right there on the beach. I mean RIGHT THERE... it was ridiculous how close it was to the shore. The side of the ship that faced the beach was fairly protected from the waves, but the other side was taking a beating.

After a couple of attempts, rescue crews were able to move the ship out to sea again, but when we visited no one knew if it would be possible. Many people expected the ship to be part of the permanent landscape. That would have been horrible; it would have completely ruined a great looking beach!

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