Wednesday, March 19, 2008


I just finished reading all the entries at "...so i stabbed him in the head with a fork". It was really interesting. She was very honest and open - neither of which I think I am on this blog. Not that I lie, but I just am not the type to put it all out there. I've told too many people about the blog. There are things that I don't mind total strangers reading, but I definitely don't want people I know to read!

When we were in Australia, this blog had a purpose. It was an easy place to post information and pictures about some of the fun stuff we were doing and share it with family and friends (and other bloggers that have been nice enough to stop by...hi there!).

Now that we are back, the blog doesn't seem as useful. We still don't live close to family or friends, but we are just doing the same day to day stuff that everyone else is doing. I'm not complaining. My life is good. But do I really need to share this stuff? Do you really care that I'm eating too many cookies?

I've been thinking about quitting and maybe starting a new blog and not giving the address to anyone I know in "real life". It could be a place to post more personal things. The problem with that is, I'm not sure that I would! My big fear is that someone finds the new blog and figures out they know me. Then I would be all exposed and what not!

I read a ton of blogs (to the detriment of my productivity at work) and I still love the idea of blogging. I just don't love the reality that is my blog. So, I'm not sure what to do with this space. I'm not ready to completely quit yet, but maybe soon...


Lovebabz said...

First off this is your blog and you do not need to compare yourself to others. You share what can. You do not have to bleed on your blog. I bleed on mine, but that's because it was cathartic for me to bleed myself through my blog. Oh the pain of it all! Look you have a unique and interesting presence here. For what it's worth I really love your blog and the things you share.

And thanks for turning me onto Fork In the Head...I love it!

Don't leave. Just be you.

Piecake said...

Babz - I love ya and I'm thrilled you visit my blog regularly! You always put things in such a positive light. Thanks!

I think Fork In the Head could sell her blog as a book...although it's already out there for free. Maybe she could sell some other writting. I was completely addicted to it.

ƒåυνέ said...

Thanks for the visit and for the pimping. I feel honored. :)

As for being 'conflicted', I know where you are. While I have tried to remain anonymous there are people who know me in real life who have tracked me down and/or found me by accident and now read my blog on a regular basis. I will admit that it's made it a little harder for me to vent at times but I've done it anyway. If they don't like what I have to say, they can quit reading.

However, if you are uncomfortable sharing, perhaps have two blogs? Maintain this one for your friends and family to keep up to date with you and start another secret one with which you can pour out all the dirty stuff...just make sure you send me the link!

Bob said...

I say whatever YOU want to do, go for it. I started my blog as a place to write. I didn’t really have a specific idea, plan, design, subject matter or discernable talent. I just knew I wanted to write in some format. A blog seemed the perfect place where people could read it and give me their free and immediate opinion, good, bad or indifferent…or not at all.

Other than the wife, I gave the address to only one other person who I knew wouldn’t bullshit me. I don’t really care if anyone else I know finds it or not. What does it matter? I’m pretty sure anything I write won’t derail a presidential bid later in my life. Besides there are way too many people who know a hell of lot worse things about me than I could ever write down in a blog.