Friday, March 7, 2008

Freshman 15

My client gives us loads of free food and it's catching up with me. Two weeks in and I can feel the fit of my clothes changing for the worse. A co-worker called it the "client 15" rather than the "freshman 15" and I think she's right.

For lunch we can choose from a salad bar, pizza bar, 2 soups, a full deli, a grill, pasta bar, and a hot entree special. For example, this week they've had an open faced tilapia sandwich, a really good mushroom and spinach pizza, fried chicken, eggplant lasagna and today's entree is Salmon Papillote with Lyonaise Potatoes and Cleric Root Puree. That sounds delicious. And it's free. On the way out of the cafeteria, there are free cookies and brownies. That's what really gets me. I have a HUGE sweet tooth and enjoy 1 -2 cookies everyday.

The kitchen by my workstation has snacks and fruit. I love fruit, but I usually choose the snacks. Mmmm...Fritos! I never buy fritos for home, so this has been a real treat.

My sister and I are thinking of doing the leek soup "fix" from the book French Women Don't Get Fat. We're going to the library this weekend to pick up a copy and I think we'll start on Monday. It would make more sense to do it over the weekend, but we're heading to the city on Saturday and have plans for brunch on Sunday, so we can't be dieting. Come Monday, it's no more lunch cookies for me! Maybe. Unless it's a special occasion. Or Friday. I let you know how it goes.

Daycare drop off was a little better today. She was excited when we pulled up to the school, but didn't want to go to the atrium for the big playgroup time. I have the feeling that she likes the classroom time, but not the free-for-all of the atrium. When I picked her up yesterday, she wanted to stay and play with everyone rather than go home, so overall I think she's happy.

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THopgood said...

Nice to "meet" you! Thanks for stopping by my blog...we'll be doing the Chicago marathon in October. Training would be during spring and summer months so not too cold! You can do it!

Take care and hope to "see" you soon!