Monday, March 3, 2008

Out of Balance

Things are not right today. Hubs had to go home for a few weeks. He totally takes care of me and SPie, so this is a major loss. Wait...I'm not sure that came out as positive as I meant... of course I would miss him even if he just sat on the couch all day, but he doesn't just sit on the couch, so I miss him even more...did that come out any better? Well, I hope you get the point. It sucks that he's gone.

So, my sister flew in yesterday to visit and help out with SPie. I'm glad she is here because SPie has a horrible case of the sniffles and a bad cough. She's home from daycare today and having fun hanging out with Auntie! Calling in sick in my second week of work due to a sick child would not be good. For various reasons I don't have my medical insurance at my new job yet, so I really hope SPie gets better soon... like today!

Hubs had to take his laptop home with him, so I don't have a computer at home. I cannot tell you how many times I went to find the computer to look something up. Being in a new place, I use Google maps almost every time I go somewhere. I am so sad not to have a computer.

To top of the personal disruptions, my client laid off 30 people last week including one of the Project Managers for the project I'm working on and two contractors from another company. I'm hoping my position is secure. I don't imagine the client would have signed the contract to hire me 3 weeks ago if they planned on ending the project.

I hope you are having a more balanced day than I am. I’m sure tomorrow will be better. (I sound like little Orphan Annie!)


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