Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Is it so Hard to Say Hello?... And Other Daycare Complaints

During daycare pick up last night and drop off this morning another parent has come in to pick up/drop off their child while I'm there. I always say hello to the parent and to their child. In fact, many times the other children will come up and stand in front of me as I'm getting SPie ready, so I always talk to them and say goodbye when I leave. The other children bring me their books and toys on a regular basis. They seem to like the conversation and so do I (maybe I should have been a pre-school teacher).

Back to my point...I'm finding the parents don't say hello back! How rude is that?? What kind of example is that?? I don't care how rushed you are, you can say hello. And I don't mean an unintelligible mumble or grunt. Form the word, speak up and say hello! I'm not asking them to stop whatever else they are doing. I'm not expecting a conversation, just a simple greeting. These kids spend about 10 hours a day with each other. It would be great if we could recognize each other and be cordial.

The head teacher in my daughter's room may be a wonderful person, but she's very friendly either. At my child's prior day care, each child was greeted and made to feel welcome as they entered. The children were encouraged to learn each other's names as well as the teacher's names. I've asked my daughter about the other children in her class and she has no idea what their names are. She calls the teachers "the girls". That is just so wrong! Now when we arrive, I encourage her to say good morning to her teacher by name, but truthfully, I'm always worried that the teacher isn't going to respond.

The communication about the day is horrible as well. By the time I pick up, the main teachers are gone and there is only a student-teacher left. She arrives at 3pm and has no idea what happened before she arrived. There is a white board where some activities are written, but it would be great to have someone available who knows about the entire day. For example, the center has Spanish lessons two days a week. The white board says, "we had Spanish class today". What does that tell me? Nothing I didn't already know. It would be helpful to know what words or activities they did in Spanish class. What if I wanted to reinforce whatever the lesson was with some practice at home? Too bad for me. Yesterday the board said, "we painted eggs". Great, but can I see the eggs? We pay extra for gymnastics lessons on Friday. Last Friday I didn't receive any information about the lesson, so I asked if they had class. I didn't ask what they did during gymnastics, I just want to know if they had the class. The student-teacher didn't know because the class happens before 3pm and she wasn't there!

It's only the third week, so maybe I'm just being too judgemental. SPie is happy at the end of the day, so it can't be that bad. We actually have another facility picked out for the fall. Unfortunately, the other school starts at age 3, so she's too young to attend now. We have 5 1/2 months left at this school. I hope we know all the classmates names by then.

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