Tuesday, March 25, 2008

She's Two

Last Friday Hubs and I did the daycare drop off together. We asked the teacher how things were going and the response we received isn't what I expected.

Our Sweetie doesn't like to take naps at school. She isn't always a fan of napping at home, but for some reason I thought things were different at school. According to the teacher, she will sing to herself and tell herself stories. The teacher will ask her to be quiet and nap and Sweetie will whisper, "We have to be quiet because our friends are sleeping" and then she'll continue singing.

One day last week Sweetie made one of her classmates cry when she surprised him with a tackle from behind. They don't think she's trying to hurt her classmates, but she doesn't seem to know when she's being too rough. We tried to work on this with her over the weekend, and the teacher said her "new thing" yesterday was to lean on her classmates rather than tackle them. She's bigger than a few of them, so the school still don't like this. I think it's an improvement.

Over the weekend, Sweetie spilled her drink a couple of times at home. I never saw her do it, I only saw the resulting puddle she was playing in, so I wasn't sure if it was intentional or not. Yesterday the teacher told us that she purposefully tipped over a classmate's milk during lunch.

For all my bitching about daycare, they seem to be ok with the behavior. "OK" in the sense that she's two and kids at two are learning what is appropriate behaviour (or not appropriate) and testing things out.


Lovebabz said...

I went through this with Briana at that age...she is now 11 and Margeaux now 6.

With Briana it was hopeless and I couldn't quite get her to nap except by bullying her---after trying to bribe her, baby her, plead with her.

But with Margeaux we worked it differently--see if they will allow her to go to another area with her favorite books or paper and crayons. If she is not sleepy making her lie still will always be a struggle. Some kids just don't need a nap. I have 4 kids. My younger son Khalil needed a nap and happily took one!

There is nothing wrong with her, her internal clock is set differently than the other little monsters and therefore you have to work with that.

Good luck!

THopgood said...

The joys of parenthood! I've been through that age 3 times now and it never gets easier...actually, it does get easier in the sense that you learn not to sweat the small stuff with subsequent children. Just remember "this too shall pass"...and when it does you'll be waiting for yet another stage to pass...like the "it's my hair and I'll cut it how I want" stage...ugh....