Monday, March 31, 2008

Sporty Things

Today is opening day for the Cleveland Indians. Hubs is a huge fan, but didn't get to watch many games last year. In fact, I'm not sure he watched any. The Indians are just not all that popular in Sydney. This year opening day is at Cleveland against the Chicago White Sox. He is watching it live now and he can watch it again during the rebroadcast tonight. How lucky is he?!? SPie likes baseball, so they can even watch it together.

I don't know much about sports and sometimes it would be nice to know. I often work with guys and they do talk about sports. It's not just a cliche. It would be nice to join in the water cooler sports talk every now and then, but I really can't be bothered to learn about sports now. However, if SPie wants to sit with Dad and watch a game, I'm all for it!

A girlfriend of mine is a BIG sports fan. For her honeymoon, she planned a trip that included going to Buffalo to see a Patriots game and California for a basketball game. She has a website, http://www.sportsflowerbox.com/, for sports themed window boxes. She started out doing a replica of Fenway Park's Green Monster on her bar at home (to scale... she's into math too). Friends loved it, so she moved on to flower boxes. She did a couple for charity auctions with the Patriot's logo and field too. If you are into sports (or need a gift for someone into sports), you should check this out. You can request specific teams and for the scoreboard boxes, you can request specific games.

These aren't the greatest pictures, but they'll give you an idea of what it's about.

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